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Silver plastic cutlery Pre- Rolled in a napkin - box of 50 sets (includes 1 fork 1 knife 1 spoon and 1 napkin)

Silver plastic cutlery Pre- Rolled in a napkin - box of 50 sets (includes 1 fork 1 knife 1 spoon and 1 napkin)

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50  pre-rolled silver plastic cutlery  sets each containing

1  silver plastic fork

1 silver plastic knife

and 1 silver plastic spoon

pre-wrapped in a napkin with a silver napkin holder.

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Product Description

Whether you're hosting a party or simply entertaining guests, Select Setting's - silver plastic cutlery set will add a touch of class to any occasion. This classic pre-rolled cutlery set contains 50 individually-packaged sets, each containing 1 fork, 1 spoon, and 1 knife beautifully rolled in a napkin with a silver trim. With this silver plastic cutlery set, you can be sure your guests will have everything they need to enjoy their meal. On top of that, these disposable plastic utensils make clean-up easier than ever, making them perfect for parties, weddings, and other large events. Order this set today and make your next event a success!

ELEGANT DESIGN - Our silver plastic cutlery is a classic addition to any table. The design of our forks, knives and spoons makes them perfect for any occasion, from everyday meals to large-scale events. Our disposable linen-like napkins add an elegant finishing touch that pulls the entire set together.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Our disposable silverware utensils are made with sturdy, BPA-free plastic to ensure that you serve your guests with the highest quality utensils. Our linen-feel napkins are strong yet soft, with a beautiful silver trim that will wow your guests.

HASSLE FREE - Dispose of your used silver plastic cutlery right along with the rest of your trash, without having to wash utensils or sort recyclables.

VERSATILE - Use these silver plastic cutlery sets at weddings, corporate events, family reunions, and more! Their classic silver design makes them well-suited to any event.