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9 oz. Plastic Cups - Old Fashioned style cups 200 ct.

9 oz. Plastic Cups - Old Fashioned style cups 200 ct.

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Includes: 200 individual plastic cups in a 9-oz. size.

These all-purpose cups are commonly referred to as rock glasses or old fashioned glasses and are very often used to serve alcohol, typically whiskey, on the rocks (over ice) or neat (no ice). They also work great for soda, water, juice and so much more!

Tip – cups are not filled all the way to the top therefore with these 9 oz. glasses you are generally drinking 5 – 6 ounces of alcohol.

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Product Description

All Purpose 9 oz. Plastic Cups – These clear plastic cups are made for all your favorite beverages, including water, soda, beer, wine, juice, milk, and much more.

Celebrating with Style – Simple yet durable, our hard plastic cups are perfect for birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, corporate events, or graduation.

Disposable Hard Plastic – We use high quality plastic that’s recyclable and easy to clean up so you don’t have to wash dishes and it makes cleaning up faster and easier.

Heavy Duty and BPA Free – Crafted with premium food grade safe plastic our clear cups are kid and adult friendly, super durable, and made for indoor or outdoor use.

Large Bulk Order – Every 9 ounce cup set comes with 200 individual small plastic cups to support your daily hydration or special event for long-lasting versatility.

Enjoy all your favorite beverages with premium clear plastic cups that are durable, disposable, and made for modern parties and events.

Every party has something in common no matter what the event might be. They all need high quality cups to keep drinks flowing and good times going. That’s why we created these premium Select Settings Disposable Plastic Cups that are made for all types of personal and professional events.

Crafted with BPA free, food grade safe plastic our plastic cups are see through so you can see how much of your beverage remains. Better yet, they’re 9 ounces in size, which means they can also be used for snacks, appetizers, desserts, or even mixed drinks, so kids and adults will love them. Perfect for your home or office, get this 200 count today and be ready for every occasion.

Product Details:
Disposable Plastic Cups (200 Count)
Premium Clear Transparency
Rigid Strength and Resilience
Party, Event, or Daily Use
Well-Balanced Base
BPA Free and Food Grade Safe
Volume: 9 ounces (Each)
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Choose these premium 9 ounce plastic cups for your party or event by clicking Add to Cart above and always enjoy a fresh drink with style.