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50 pc. White with Silver Rim Plastic Soup Bowls: Sturdy and Disposable

50 pc. White with Silver Rim Plastic Soup Bowls: Sturdy and Disposable

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INCLUDES 50 (12 oz.) White silver Rim Plastic Disposable Bowls that look and handle like real china, while remaining conveniently disposable for a quick and easy cleanup after the guests go home.

  • Material: Durable disposable plastic bowls that won't bend or crack
  • Safety: BPA-free and suitable for use with hot and cold foods
  • Note: Do not microwave. Hand washing is recommended.

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AMZ code 2O-AFTG-82ZG


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Product Description

THESE DISPOSABLE SOUP BOWLS RESEMBLE REAL CHINA: Great dinnerware has to do more than hold your food, it needs to blend into the decor and enhance the elegance and style of your event. With our silver rim bowls, you can make it look easy! We make sure that all our products resemble real China. Our white bowls with their simple and elegant silver rim will give your decor that extra something without visually getting in the way.

SOLID, HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC: Our disposable soup bowls are made of durable heavy duty plastic that makes our bowls feel nice and solid when handled, while also ensuring that they're highly break resistant. This is a feature of all our products, but it's especially important with bowls, because it also means they insulate relatively well, protecting the hands of someone holding a bowl of hot soup far better than thinner plastic, while also discouraging rapid cooling of the contents of the bowl.

CLEANUP IS INSTANT WITH SELECT SETTINGS: When you use disposable plastic dinnerware from Select Settings, you'll never have to worry about a big pile of dishes waiting for you at the end of your event. Simply throw the used bowls away, and you're done!

PERFECT FOR EVENTS OF ALL KINDS: Our silver rimmed 12 oz. disposable bowls are the perfect solution for you, no matter what kind of event you're hosting, or how large it is. They'll blend into the decor at an anniversary dinner for two as well as they will at a wedding or a simple brunch.

On the search for the perfect dinnerware for your big event, you'll need to take the time to look at both the practical as well as the aesthetic value of your options. We make it our mission at Select Settings to ensure that our products are as visually pleasing as they are practical. Our 12 oz. white silver rim plastic disposable bowl is decorate with a simple and elegant silver rim that adds a restrained and elegant hint of color to your table, while also blending into the existing decor. Our bowls are meant to give the impression of real china, rather than that of just another plastic bowl. The heavy duty plastic we use resembles porcelain so well, that your guests may need to touch them to be sure! Best of all, our products are disposable and recyclable, so that you won't have to give up time with your guests to clean up during or after the event. Just throw them in the trash, and you're done!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lysee Stein
Exactly what I was looking for!

I was looking for bowls to match the plates I had and these are perfect. The ordering process was so easy and They were delivered so quickly!

Naomi Nachman
Classiest dispoable dishes

There really enhanced our dinner table.
very class dishes.

Sarah Boxer
Excellent quality

These bowls are pretty and sturdy - excellent quality