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50 pc. White with Gold Rim Plastic Soup Bowls: Sturdy and Disposable

50 pc. White with Gold Rim Plastic Soup Bowls: Sturdy and Disposable

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INCLUDES 50 (12 oz.) White Gold Rim Plastic Disposable Bowls that look and handle like real china, while remaining conveniently disposable for a quick and easy cleanup after the guests go home.

  • Material: Durable disposable plastic bowls that won't bend or crack
  • Safety: BPA-free and suitable for use with hot and cold foods
  • Note: Do not microwave. Hand washing is recommended.

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Product Description

DISPOSABLE BOWLS THAT LOOK LIKE REAL CHINA: It might seem like a challenge to find disposable plastic dinnerware that enhances the elegance and style of your event's decor rather than having the opposite effect. With Select Settings, however, it's easy! We make sure that all our products resemble real China. Our white bowls with their simple and elegant gold rim are perfectly designed to complement your existing table decor without stealing the show.

DURABLE HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Our bowls are made of durable heavy duty plastic that ensures your bowls are break-resistant, and that they feel properly rigid and have a comfortable amount of heft when held in your hand. This provides a better visual and tactile experience to the guests at your big event. Of course, it also helps to insulate far better than thin plastic, making it easier and more comfortable to carry bowls full of hot soup or other liquids.

CLEANUP IS A SNAP WITH SELECT SETTINGS: Are you tired of walking into a kitchen piled high with dishes after the guest go home? That will never be an issue when you're using bowls from Select Settings. Simple discard the old dishes, and go on your way! Our products are all disposable, and there's no need to wash them if you don't have the time or inclination to do so.s such as a wedding, anniversary or even entertaining guests

PERFECT FOR EVENTS OF ALL KINDS: Whether you're just having brunch, organizing a wedding, or throwing an enormous birthday party, our gold rimmed 12 oz. disposable bowls are the perfect solution for you.

When you're finding the right dinnerware for your big event, it's important to consider both the practical as well as the aesthetic value of your options. At Select Settings, we always make sure that our products are as visually striking as they are durable and practical to use. Our 12 oz. white gold rim plastic disposable bowl comes with a simple and elegant gold rim that will add a restrained and elegant hint of color to your table, while blending in perfectly with the existing decor on the table. Our bowls are the perfect size for dishes both large and small, and the heavy duty plastic our bowls are made of gives the the impression that you're using real china. Your guests will need to touch them to be sure! Most importantly, all our products are designed to be disposable, so that you don't have to spend your special day doing dishes instead of spending time with your guests. After the guest go home, simply toss them in the garbage, and presto!

Customer Reviews

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Mario Castellano
Very well made

They worked perfectly. Didn't want to do dishes for the Christmas Eve and Christmas day. If they were a little bit larger would have been better.