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300-piece Compostable eco-friendly dinnerware set for 50 guests. Includes: 100 white square plates & 200 utensils

300-piece Compostable eco-friendly dinnerware set for 50 guests. Includes: 100 white square plates & 200 utensils

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50 square compostable dinner plates (10 inch)

50 square compostable salad plates (8 inch)

100 compostable forks (1 for the salad/appetizer course and 1 for the main course)

50 compostable knives 

50 compostable spoons 

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Product Description

When it comes to hosting a party or large gathering, having a reliable set of dishes is key. Unlike plastic plates, our compostable plates are made from bagasse, a renewable plant-based material that decomposes naturally in just a few months. And unlike other compostables that can only be disposed of in commercial composting facilities, our products can be put in your home compost bin! Not only are our products good for the environment, they're also super durable. You can microwave them without worrying about them deforming, and they won't crack or shatter if you accidentally drop them. So if you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable plates and utensils, switch to our compostable set - your wallet and the planet will thank you! This set is perfect for those who want to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing convenience or durability.

ALL-INCLUSIVE - This dinnerware set provides all of the dinnerware and utensils you need to host any event, large or small. Let us do the work for you so that you can spend less time planning and more time with your guests.

STURDY AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Made of sturdy, lightweight Bagasse, this dinnerware set will last through your party and won't break if anyone accidentally drops a plate.

VERSATILE DESIGN - This disposable dinnerware set is a great alternative to traditional dishes and is perfect for any occasion! We offer a broad selection of designs and styles to match any theme that you select for your event.

HASSLE FREE - This disposable dinnerware set makes hosting a party a breeze! No need to worry about dishes or cleanup - just enjoy entertaining your guests!

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